Welcome to Chezcraftree

Fed up of finding the same type of gifts in shops?
Looking for something a bit more unique?
No time to go out and look around shops?

 Shop here to save time and money, while finding that perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.
Have an idea of wording that's just them but can never find it?
Create It!
Here, everything has an element of customisation whether it's the colour, the wording or a totally bespoke creation for you.

Here are a few examples of totally bespoke designed signs
Grab a cuppa, take a look around, I'm sure you will find your perfect gift

                  If you are unsure of an exact design, feel free to message me and we can work on it.

So who's Chezcraftree ?

In 2020, I struggled to find a gift perfect for my mum's birthday. Finding nothing suitable in the shops, I went ahead and created her  a gift, a framed family tree of her grandchildren. People that saw it loved it and my business started from there.

Chezcraftree became my brand in 2021, I wanted a name that didn't restrict me to one process but rather one that will grow with my business. 

Chezcraftree is just me, but I love making gifts especially customised gifts that spark joy. Designing and creating allows you to have that perfect gift.

I'm a mum of 5 and wife to long suffering hubby, they are part of the reason I do this. It allows me to be home when I'm needed while doing something I truly love.

I love coffee, films and going to the gym ( so I can eat cake right?).

I've done 2 muddy runs for cancer research and up until 2000 made 10 blood donations.

I have an Open honours Bsc degree that I completed while raising the 2 younger children.

I'm a positive person and believe that kindness costs nothing and you can make a strangers day just from a smile.


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